Being Church in the Time of Coronavirus

Worship for July and August - June 17, 2020


After much prayer and thoughtful consideration, the council has decided that we will be worshiping outside for the months of July and August. Here is what you need to know:


  • When? Sunday mornings at 9AM. We picked 9AM because the sun rises early where will we set up for worship and we want to try and avoid the heat as much as possible.

  • Where? The back part of the parking lot.

  • Where do I park? There should be approximately 19 spots in our lot for parking. You can also park at Centennial Hall and at the green. If you park at the green please stay away from the end near the church and stop sign. Please also avoid the middle circle and when you park stay off the street. You will get a ticket if the police feel that where you parked is on the road or is a safety issue.

  • Will the service be live-streamed? Yes, the service will be live streamed. If for any reason there are internet connection issues we will record and post the service later.

  • Will there be seating? Please bring your own lawn or camping chairs.

  • Where will I sit? There will be an “x” marked where you can sit. These will be spaced out by at least 6 feet so that we can be socially distant. Each “x” can hold a family unit of up to 4 people.

  • Do I need to wear a mask? Please wear a mask. Once you are seated and 6 feet apart you can take it off if you feel safe. Anytime that you can’t social distance the mask should be on. We do have a very limited supply of masks. If you need one please let the church office now.

  • Will we be singing? All the experts say that singing is the fastest way to spread the virus. We will have a soloist, our music director will play some meditative music and who knows, we may have a few totally different experiences for you along the way.

  • Will the church be open? Can we use the bathrooms? The church building will be locked and the bathrooms will be closed. We are still trying to minimize the number of people in the building to keep the staff safe. Please go before you leave the house. It may be helpful to know that the service will probably be under an hour long.

  • What if it rains? If it rains, we will not be holding the service outside. We will go back to live-streaming and Mary and I will move inside to live-stream the service. If the weather is questionable we will post an update on the Facebook page the night before.

  • Other things to know:

    • You are welcome to bring your coffee, tea, scone, donut, etc. to enjoy during the service.

    • Safety first!  Keep social distancing in mind at all times. It is going to be hard but we need to avoid social contact. We want to be able to do this but we won’t be able to if we can’t keep people safe. We are counting on you!

    • Permission Granted – If you need to leave anytime during the service, you can do so with out fear of judgment.

As we have with everything else, we are going to remain fluid and change as we need to.


If you feel sick, have a temperature or have been in contact with anyone who has been sick in the last 14 days please stay at home.

Suspension of Church Activities - March 26, 2020


Dear Church Family,


As you are well aware, we continue to face the current health crisis. After much discussion and prayer, the council and I have decided to continue with the cancellation of all in-person church activities and meetings Until further notice. That said, we will continue to evaluate the situation and will let you know once it is decided that it is safe to begin gathering again.

During this time, my hope is that you will lean on me and one another. If you need help, don’t be stubborn, we have people who love you and want to help.

Hold onto hope. This will pass and some day we will look back on this as ancient history.


God is good…. All the time!


In Peace,

Rev. Mike

Temporary Suspension of Church Activities - March 17, 2020


Dear Church Family,


We are facing challenging and uncertain times. As with any challenges there are questions to ask and decisions to be made. Some that haven’t had to be made for generations. The good news is that we do not have to make these decisions alone, we have a loving God that we can turn to and trust in.

The most recent challenge and question has been how do we handle this as a faith community. Do we stay open for worship and practice social distancing? After all, we need church more now than ever. Or, do we temporarily suspend activities and worship? What is the socially responsible to do? What is the loving thing to do, not just for ourselves but for our neighbors?

After much discussion and prayer, the council and I have decided to cancel all in person church activities and meetings for the next two weeks (through the 30th). This includes all groups that use the church. The church office will be open, but we are remaining flexible about the hours. If you need anything or just want to talk you can email me or call the church office. We will reevaluate on the 30th.

Does this mean no worship? Well, no! We will have the chance to gather on Sunday remotely. The goal is to have the services streamed on Facebook live. If you haven’t already, go onto Facebook and like our page.



Will this be a different experience? Yes. Will there be growing pains? Yes. And although we may not be connected in person, we will be connected through Christ’s Spirit. May it be our greatest strength!

Please stay tuned in the coming days for further updates regarding worship and other ways to connect. We will all get through this challenging and unsettled time together.

In Peace,

Rev. Mike

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