Life Celebrations​ 

Baby Baptism Ceremony

"Baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God” (UCC Book of Worship). In the United Church of Christ, baptism is understood as a sign of welcome, blessing, and promise (covenant) making within the life of community. As such, baptisms most often take place within the regular worship service. For adults and children of consenting age, the covenantal promises that are made in a baptismal ceremony are between the person and God, and between the congregation as a supportive community of faith and the person. For infants and young children, the promises are made between the parents and sponsors, also called God-parents, and the child; and between the congregation and the child.


If you would like to profess your faith and be welcomed into the life of Christian community, or if you desire to baptize your child at UCC, North Hampton, please speak to the pastor, who would be happy to talk with you about Christian baptism and life together in Christian community.

Holy Union Picture.jpg
Holy Unions (Weddings)

Like baptisms, Holy Unions are a ceremony of spiritual promise (covenant) making. Couples who would like to be married in the church are invited to meet with the pastor to plan and prepare for a wedding celebration as well as for married life. If you are interested in being married within the church or by the pastor in an outdoor setting, please contact the office so that our Holy Union/Wedding packet may be shared with you.


The United Church of Christ in North Hampton is fortunate to have two sanctuaries in which Holy Unions can be performed. The Little River Chapel can seat up to 90 guests and the Main Sanctuary, known historically as North Hill Parish, can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Celebrations of Life (Memorial Services)

When a beloved one dies, whether it be a sudden unexpected death, or a lengthy illness that leads to death, the grief and sorrow that accompany can be so difficult.  The United Church of Christ in North Hampton desires to be a community in which the lives of the saints might be honored and released to the loving care of God.


When a loved one dies, the pastor is available to families in grief. He is honored to meet with families to pray and plan Memorial Services, Celebrations of Life, and Graveside Committal Ceremonies. Most often, funeral homes will contact the church and communicate on behalf of a family who has lost a loved one about the details of a service or ceremony. The pastor then contacts the family to meet, pray, and plan.