We look forward to you worshiping with us!  We pray that your time at the United Church of Christ in North Hampton will offer a glimpse of the deep and joyful life that we share because we gather in Christ's presence.


On this page you will find information that will help you know what to expect on a typical Sunday morning in worship.  Please explore the website where you will find more information about the life and ministry of the church, about how you might be in contact with the church and how the church might be in contact with you.  To that end you are invited to email the church using the contact form below so that the church might welcome you and that we might answer any of your questions.


Do know that we, as a church, are available to you and welcome you wherever you are on the spiritual journey.  I look forward to meeting you some day and getting to know you in the days following should this be a season in which we journey together.

Who we are

Welcome to The United Church of Christ in North Hampton.  We strive to be a faith community with open doors, minds and spirits, worshiping God and serving with Christian love in the world. 


Worship is central to our life together.  We gather as our Christian forebears have done for nearly 2,000 years on Sundays, the day of resurrection and new life, to offer praise and worship.  We also work to create opportunities to practice and live out our faith in the world.         


Where do I park and are there handicap spaces?  

Parking can be found all around the church but when that is full you can park around the bandstand green.  Handicap spaces are available on the west side of the church where there is a handicap accessible doorway.


Help!  There are four entrances to the church, where do I enter?

You can enter through any of the doors of the church.  The double doors in the front will lead you into the foyer which leads to the upstairs sanctuary where we worship.  If you enter through the side doors you will see signs that lead you to the sanctuary.  The lift to the second floor is at the end of the hall from the western handicap accessible door.


Where do I go now that I'm inside?

We worship in the sanctuary on the second floor.  There are places to hang your coats if you would like, on the ground floor in the O'Connor Vestry (big hall). Bathrooms are on the ground floor also, in the hallway  between the O'Connor Vestry and the back of the church.  Take any set of stairs up and you eventually will find the sanctuary either through the prayer room or the front stairway.  Feel free to ask for directions, as any who know the way are happy to help point you in the right direction.


I have children.   Do they come with me or is there a setting for children?

At the beginning of every worship service we worship together.  There is a Children's Message when the children gather for a story.  Afterward, 4 year olds through 8th graders have a Faith Finders program that is coordinated by Pam Sullivan (Ms. Pam).  She and a volunteer will lead the children downstairs to learn about Bible stories and explore our faith.  We invite babies and toddlers to remain in worship with their parents, knowing we have a room that has sound and glass doors where there are rockers, a changing table and toys for little ones.  This way families may use the room if they find moving about is a better option and can still hear and see worship.  High schoolers are invited to stay in worship.


What should I wear?

Do wear what is comfortable for you.  There is no dress code, and on any given Sunday you will see people in shorts, jeans, dresses, suits, etc.  Just come as you are!


What is the worship service like?

Worship at UCC, North Hampton follows in the Congregational tradition; however, we strive to create worship that speaks to today and our contemporary spiritual longings as well as to our heritage.  In this effort, we draw upon music of many eras and styles, singing contemporary as well as ancient hymns.  We engage in prayer and reflection that explores scripture in its historic context while connecting it to the every day.


What is "Passing the peace of Christ"?

Passing the peace of Christ is an opportunity to greet one another with the love and peace of God.  We shake hands, offer a peace sign or a hug expressing welcome to one another.  This is an ancient Christian practice that extends love and care to each other whether we are strangers or friends.


Am I expected to give money?

All money received during our offering time is voluntary.  We encourage people to give as they are able, as sharing of our gifts is a part of the way that we live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  We are not financially subsidized so it is your giving that allows the ministries of Christ's church here in North Hampton possible.  All that said, you will not be judged by how much you give.


What about Communion? 

We celebrate Holy Communion once a month (often the first Sunday of the month).  In the United Church of Christ, all are welcome to partake of the Communion bread and juice.  Children, as well, are welcome to participate, at their parents' or guardians' discretion.  We try our very best to exclude no one from this table of remembrance.  Gluten free bread and water are offered, as well as regular bread and grape juice.


What happens after the worship service?

We have a time of fellowship with coffee and sometimes a baked treat of some sort.  We also have juice available for those who do not like coffee.

Download the "Worshipping Together" brochure (PDF)